Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rants on Rants on Rants

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Hello my fellow readers and bloggers!
It's been a minute since I was here...excuse my desire to LIVE, my realization that time is against me, and a hint of laziness on that!
Hope things have been good for y'all because for me..."grateful" is the only way I can describe how I feel right now. Have you ever sat and looked around you and realized how much you've got in the form of family, friends and basic necessities to stay alive? If you haven't, I suggest you do that right now and say a quick THANK YOU to God. Yes, there are sooo many more things we want/need but we haven't died without 'em so here's my advice... Live on!

My Miami trip was much-needed! Arrived Friday night - didn't get to the hotel till around 9pm due to several delays. Didn't get much any sleep on board merely because of the convo that was going on between the people seated next to me. Anyway....the fun started once I landed. Met the rest of the crew and might I add it was fun seeing familiar faces once again.
We went out to 2 different spots. The dancing was crazy..infact, the night as a whole was EPIC! I don’t know if it was because we were all excited about seeing each other, or because we were in Miami, or perhaps… the "shepe" (i.e "alcohol") in the system. All I know is everybody had a BLAST!
Got back at like 5AM and went straight into writing my paper for my class. * I had intentions of finishing that b4 leaving DC but for some reason, I kept having to correct this or that.* And Miami people party till the morning! It’s crazy!
About to paint the city RED!!

C'est moi

Haven't seen Alex since '97! :-)


Partner in crime!

Calling it a night

(P.S. Couldn't put up a lot of pics ---> "What happens in Miami stays in Miami!")

Waking up Saturday was not  a hassle at all… of course my mind was on the beach so I quickly changed into my bikini and headed out. Unfortunately, Abi & Silver had to head back to their zones… L  The rest of us ladies decided to go parasailing… Man oh man… that was an experience. 

Off we go!
Here’s a video ( I hope it works--- the wind was "swallowing" my voice)

!!! FUN!!!
We decided to meet up with the guys at a restaurant (can’t rmmbr the name)… All I know is it was bbq-oriented. Got talking with everyone and honestly, I was tired, but no way was I going to sleep. For what?! Meanwhile, Jerry proposed to me the night before (on his knees!) so yeah everyone was asking about the rock on my finger…. Even the waitress! Gotta love it! lol

Checkin' out the bling!

Kels and I

Dinner is served!

The initial plan for the night was to go out again but a lot of the guys weren’t down bcuz they had early flights to catch in the morning so we just bought drinks and chilled… Us ladies went for a late night swim.

Jerry (my hubby) & I

No comment!

Sunday- headed over to Joey’s place since I wasn’t leaving till Mon morning. We went out for lunch and Lord knows I stuffed myself.  Idk where the day went to but before I knew it, it was 9pm and we were all gisting in the living room, eating suya (made by Joey) and watching BET awards. That suya was on point I have to admit!
Caught my flight at 9.30am—arrived back in DC @ noon---- straight to work!
Man, sitting at my desk, I felt like I just woke up from a trance. As if everything that happened over the weekend was a dream.

So much has happened between then and now.
The plan was to go to New Orleans for the Essence Music Festival but I couldn’t plan in time so  I ended up staying here in DC. Abi came into town so of course you know we had a blast. The more I think about it, it seems apparent that we’ve succeeded in making up for all the lost years between us since I last saw her in 1996. THAT is a long time man. Moving to the East Coast def came with perks and this is one of the best ones.  Going out, chilling, BBQ, eating… what didn’t we get into??? She ended up staying for about a week (yes, as much as you may not believe, some people find it hard leaving me) .. Took her to work with me- definitely a productive day!  #confession: I miss her!

MEANWHILE, I got pulled over by the cops FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE!
I always said if I did, I’d just tell the officer to arrest me because I don’t want wahala. Try to explain yourself, next thing you know they're holding you in contempt. I no want.
According to him, I stopped on the crosswalk so people had to walk on the street in order to cross the road. Clearly, my guy just wanted to holla at 2 ladies in a car dancing to WizKid on a beautiful Thursday afternoon. He asked for all those documents… asked this, asked that.. and then gave me a warning. In his words, “I’ma give you a verbal warning this time round, but next time... aint nobody gonna give you a lecture. That’s a $250 fine right there.”….My response “Yes sir.”… #Endofdiscussion
Perhaps it’s because I was wearing a short skirt and he was a black cop… I don’t know… LOL! I’m just saying. These things happen. LMAO!
Ok let me stop there.

 School’s still going on amidst all these events! My Stats class ends next week and Lord knows I am more than ready to get over with that class. Got an A in my other class so whoop whoop!! Thank God and thanks to those that prayed for me. I think I need more prayers for my Stats exam.  *shivers at the thought of it*

Have a fabulous weekend!
Chocolate kisses


  1. Awesomeeee pictures!!!
    Looks like major fun!!!

    Uhm are u serious about the proposal?? lool

    If so, Congratulations dear!!
    Oh man! I need a vacay ASAP

  2. Thanks a lot! ;-) it was too much fun-had to tone it down lol

    And of course I'm serious bout the proposal! Once the dates are set, you'll def get an invitation................................................NOT!! I'm kidding! Still riding solo :-)