Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And the surprise guest was.........

yes boss!

12pm:..standing in line,waiting to go through security. Felt like I was back at the airport trying to catch a plane to the white house or something. Security as tight as u can imagine...

protesters trying to make a statement.

12:25...seated 4 rows from the podium and I'm in high spirits. 

1:00PM.. Dignatories from GW and the White House begin to arrive and mingle with each other. In the mean time I'm engaging in small talk with other attendees. We fortunate few. It is true that many are called, few are chosen. Lol! All that keeps running across my mind is "You're about to see the President of the United States... You're not watching TV. Its live and direct!" whopa! 
Unfortunately, I ended up sitting beside this sophomore chic that seemed to have ADD and couldn't control her excitement.... She took up a seat & a half and this bothered me because she kept hitting me. (I'm sorry I'm just being real). As a result.. My one chance to get a pic of the Vice President wasn't very successful but anyway here you go...
Joe Biden-VP of the United States
1:45pm.......Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the President of the United States-->>>>

Clearly, I was flabbergasted and couldn't hold my camera right. lol...
He gave a speech on budget deficits and the plan toward "winning the future" of America. He has an aura that compels one...makes one want to listen and to be honest, you can easily be swayed. That's my godfather right there! 
tooooo freshhh

      President Barack Obama!!!

Yes Yes Y'all... It became as real as it could become!

P.S: I will give the person who can spot the MAIN difference between the 3rd  & 4th pic--->$10. 
NO CHEATING (it's you and your conscience!)


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