Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Memoirs of a Traveler...Part 3 &4!

10 years later!! I know that's what you guys are saying. I'm sorry. Got home and ran to the gym to burn those calories and I'm so hyper right now! Figured if I don't post this tonight, it'll never happen!
So Vegas Vegas Vegas... oh by the way if you notice, I don't have a "view from the top" pic like I usually do just because after all that drama, I wasn't able to get a window seat. Oh well, I still made it!

Finally landed in LV on Friday was good and everyone at the airport was buzzing with excitement... I kept wishing I could read their minds- all the sins they intended to commit. Vegas is also known as "Sin City". When you get there you will understand why.
Got a shuttle to the hotel--Wynn, and met up with the rest of the crew---> Estee (who by the way was the birthday girl), Massa & Ashleigh!

They'd already done some gambling and what not and the plan was to figure out how to "craze" for the next 48hours! After settling in and messing with the funky technology in the room- we went to grab dinner @ Red8- fine Thai restaurant. Gambled for about an hour.. dropped $50 and only made $20 back. Let's just say I was only warming up. Learned how to play Roulette and Craps as well. The plan was to earn "club money" seeing as Vegas clubs cost like $20 to get in! Lmao! By the time we got back upstairs around 2am everyone was tired and the idea of clubbing was looking long. p.s clubs stay open till morning apparently.As for me, of course I was physically tired but couldn't get my eyes to shut so I clubbed from the room. The hotel has like 3 clubs downstairs and luckily, I could hear the music from the one we intended to go to earlier so I started grooving to the jams from the room. Call me crazy? Yes I agree! Lol! My madness only lasted for about 30mins...and then I crashed.

Saturday Morning... Sunshine mixed with excitement. Time to explore Vegas. Started off with breakfast around noon @ Peppermill. 

L-R: Yours truly, Massa, Ashleigh, Estee
Had to share with y'all...mmm!
Dragged ourselves around doing a bit of sightseeing here and there. This was my second time in Vegas, yet everything seemed brand new.

Made some new "friends" ;-)
posing with an alcoholic daquiri of some sort. 

Living free!!!

Paris in Vegas! 


the crew :-)

Massa & I went to chill at the pool for a bit before getting ready. Afterall, I didn't pack my bikini for my suitcase to admire it. 

Eye candy!
The 45mins I spent out in the sun left me with a mini tan. Yes! As black as I am, I can get sunburned!Anyway.. we all got dressed and ready for the evening's line-up:
Ready to paint the city red,yellow,pink and whatever

6pm: Dinner @ The Range Steakhouse...Ordered salmon. I'm a seafood junkie incase you haven't noticed and well, it's always the safest option when I eat out.


7.30pm: Cirque du Soleil: Zumanity. I must say this was a very sensual-provocative-erotic & funny performance. All tied in one! Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take pics so I can't give you guys any sneak peeks but luckily I found a youtube video  incase you're interested.

10.30pm: HELLO CHIPPENDALE'S!!!! I think that Zumanity show was a good prequel to what we were about to experience! Once again, no cameras allowed so we savored the moment. This is where you say "what happens in vegas stays in vegas!" I think we all almost lost our voices after screaming! Hotness!!!! C'est tout!

Birthday girl teasin'

Ash & I gettin it on...

Clearly i have NO skills!
Oh here's preview of the experience:


By midnight it was time to get the party started. Our Chippendale's tickets got us free passes to a couple pf places so we ended up at VooDoo Lounge. One thing I like about partying in Vegas is that most of the clubs have patios so you get the option to club indoors or outdoors; We started indoors and made our way outside which was on the roof of the building and I had a blast! #thatisall! Got a few shots of the view of Vegas @ night. Absolutely beautiful!

And that wraps up the night/morning!
Sunday: Couldn't believe the fun was over! Time for part 4 of my travels---- Rented a car and drove down to California to see my cousin, her hubby and my lovely nephews! Don't worry it was only a 3.5hr drive through the desert!
This was all I saw for the most part of the journey!How fun?!
Tried to get a pic while crossing the border! Goodbye Nevada----Hello California!
My cousin cooked up a feast just because I was coming. I really felt special! Spent the rest of the day chilling with them and catching up/goofing around!
Cheesing with the goofy nephews...I LOVE THEM to DEATH!
My dear coz & I! 

And that wraps up my trip!
Got back @ 1am on Tuesday morning...... I must say the airport hustle was def worth it! I had a great time and the birthday girl did too-- that was the most important thing!! :-)

Alright y'all... its 2.30am and I still need to straighten my hair and get some sleep!
GUESS WHAT???!!! I'm meeting a very very very very verryyyy special and important person tomorrow! Sorry can't tell.......just yet! (Gotta love the suspense....)


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