Monday, April 18, 2011


Right now I just want to spit out my feelings; speak my mind.
 I don’t know what exactly I’m thinking but I just feel like I should air stuff out.

Why is it that we, humans, always tend to want what we can’t have and it’s the stuff that we don’t want that come our way??
 I just don’t get the logic. Yes! I’m referring to people- relationships- feelings—all that mumbo-jumbo!

I realize I’m scared of getting hurt but that’s one of the norms of life isn’t it? I just feel like life’s taken so much from me and I too have given so much—its time for life to give me something. I don’t know if I’m making sense but hey I’m just spitting out thoughts!
Yes, anything that doesn’t kill you will make you stronger but I don’t wanna have to go so close to death- u feel me?

I keep things real- at least as real as I feel I should be but for some reason, it never falls in my favor. Why?
 I have no idea.
 I have prayed and now I’m letting go.

 Whatever happens will happen.
 I will live~~~ and let live!


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