Monday, April 18, 2011

When the alarm goes off...

Is violence the answer? 
Believe it or not, a certain amount of people out there will say a resounding “yes” to this.
Elections are rounding up... Just when we began to thank God for peaceful elections, an unhappy group of people decide to revolt. Why?  According to them “…the results are not accurate… The party we voted for did not win… this proves that the elections were rigged.” What should we do? Go out in the streets and revolt. Destroy the lives of innocent people, with the assumption that they voted for the opposing party, and let it be known that we do not agree with the results. When? Now! Let’s go out in the streets with our machetes and knives, whatever works. How? We will use our machetes and take the lives of our neighbors- men, women, and children. Whoever is not with us is against us and so nobody should be left behind. Our actions shall be our voices…We must be heard. Things must change… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
**Off they ran… into the streets… protesting, setting buildings ablaze, literally ripping bodies apart**
As the tears fall from the eyes of those in fear,  the dead man’s blood is shed and used as a cure.
What does one gain from taking the lives of innocent beings? I wonder. I can’t seem to comprehend the sense behind violence as a means for change. You kill them and then what? Instead of gearing towards peace, human beings slowly morph into animals and lose their souls. What will it take for these ‘activists’ to understand that their actions will not create room for the change they seek? Instead, it deepens that division between members of society; the “better society” we all yearn for. I can’t count how many years I have been hearing “You, the young ones, are the future leaders of tomorrow.” When will this be the case? The greed & corruption that exists is not fiction. Sadly, it appears there comes a sense of pride in knowing that is what our country is known for, and we do it very well. At what point will these youth get a foot in the door? When will there be open ground for the “best man to win” and lead in the most prolific and honest means? Accountability? Responsibility? Progress? These do not seem to exist in the government’s diction.
A few hours ago, the winner was confirmed. President G.E. Jonathan will lead our country for the next 4 years. I am not sure how I feel about this, not necessarily because I do not care, but more because the persistent cycle of events have made me numb to the on goings of the society. My heart bleeds for my country and its people. We, Nigerians, wear our hearts on our sleeves… and without a doubt, there is a lot to be proud of. Nevertheless, I cannot bury the shame that seeps within each time “Nigeria” comes up in a discussion. Resounding complaints about the most BASIC things that one would assume such a literate country would provide for its people. Why? It seems people have been subliminally inoculated against standing up and speaking out. Our artistes have poured their hearts out time without number via means through their art: music, film, etc. Wetin man go do?
Sigh…*Suffering and Smiling*

I want to believe there is hope for my country...
Actually, I do.
Enough with the violence; set the religiosity, tribalism, ethnic differences, “my money and your money no be mates” mentality aside. I believe that individuals that are working and making progress will spread that virus of positivity to others. Let there be strength in our number. As we yell “WAZOBIA”, I pray for that same unity to trickle down into the hearts of my people.
All it takes is time…and of course divine intervention.

Do something…ANYTHING within your power. Make moves for change.
Cheers to another 4 years!


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