Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Memoirs of a Traveler...Part 1!

View from the top!
Hey peoples! 
First and foremost! Shout out to the people who've taken out time to check out this space and THANKS for the comments. I'm amused at the countries where viewers are coming from...MOROCCO?? Chai! 
Anyway,  I've been bitten by the traveling bug again (yay!) and last weekend (Feb 18th) I went over to see my sister/homegirl in Calgary. People thought I was crazy  for going all the way out there for only 4 days but hey...she's worth it! Plus, I needed to get a break from this zone. It was a cool weekend.Turned out to be an all-girl weekend and a lot of fun!!..Started off with a birthday dinner  the night I arrived. No not mine... (duh!). Carried a cake all the way from here (call me crazy!).....as u can see below and it landed safely....  Oh yeah I also got a new camera over Christmas so pls don't jealous me and my snapshots. Should the camera sit down and be looking at me?? *LoL* 
Seatbelt fastened!
My girl "Ikon" & I

Admiring her cake!
The next day we went on a 2-hr road trip to a city  sorry a town called Banff and did a bit of touring. It was minus 20 degrees celsius but the sun was out and the scenery was beautiful! I am not a big fan of the cold but I tend to appreciate it when viewing from the inside. We went on a 45 minute sleigh ride, drawn by some mules with the biggest asses I have ever seen. Apparently, each one of them weighs about 100 tonnes or something. IDK.. my geek mode was switched off. After observing different mountain views, we went on the gondola (google it if u don't know what it is!--->>GOOGLE is your best friend i tell you!

Off to Banff we go!

Scenic view!

Ladies & "Mule-asses"!
Spent the rest of the time watching Nollywood movies ( a topic I will soon dive into), eating, gisting, shopping... yeah the typical things girls do! Back in my zones and it's midterm period so please pray for me and my exams. Enemies...your prayers shall backfire! (Amen!) Would love to tell you where I'm off to next but that'll just ruin it all so stay put! 

In other news....Am I the only one that thinks Ghadafi is smoking VERY cheap drugs? 


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