Thursday, March 24, 2011


I came across an old piece I wrote a while back... I think it's about two years old now. It wasn't directed to anyone in particular...let's just say I was fantasizing. Here it is...

*Warning: Some of you might find it cheesy *

My friend, my brother, my love, my life…
A shoulder I can lean on,
An ear that hears my cry;
A smile that brightens my world,
An arm I can always fall into.
Without a doubt you are the one.

Sitting up late at night watching cars go by,
Staring deep into the sky, naming stars that link us together…
Slow dancing to music that sets our souls on fire…
Your vows forever rewind over, and over, again in my mind.
Without a doubt you are the one.

I remember our trips around the world…
Our honeymoon in the birthplace of the safari, East Africa, and the adventurous trek on Mt. Kilimanjaro;
Cuddling up and taking pictures on the London Eye,
Romantic dinners in medieval restaurants in Budapest, sipping Tokaji…
Lest I forget….the breath-taking views of the Danube promenade at night!
The magical feeling I felt when we were stranded in the wilderness in Australia, battling the tension of forced proximity,
Drinking hand grenades on Bourbon Street in an attempt to relive the excitement of young love;
Swimming with the dolphins at SeaWorld….magnificent!
Admiring the articulate scenery of the Taj Mahal

Hand in hand, we walk into the night…
The glaze in your eye spells L.O.V.E
Never been one to wish or hope,
Never been a dreamer ….but…
With you “never” has no meaning.
All I see is “FOREVER”


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