Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Drama is my 2nd name...

4.18pm now.. . sitting @ Gate D14 @ Dulles airport. This airport should be scrapped. It’s like going all the way to New York to catch a flight; but I'm still in the same city.

A lot of drama regarding this Vegas trip. Got to the airport 2 hours ahead of time since  I wasn’t quite sure of how to get to the airport.. This is me all trying to get hyped up about this trip only to get to the ticket counter and told “your flight was voided ma’am.” Are you kidding me? As in what does that mean?  “Ma’am, you’re going to have to contact the ticket agency with which you booked your ticket. We can’t do anything to help you right now.
*I look at my watch-->12pm. Flight departs @ 1pm. Called the agency and I’m told there is nothing they can do because the money has been credited back to my account. Huh??!! Still trying to make sense out of the scenario. I called my bank to ask what’s going on. Lady says “Ma’am, it does show that a total of $***.** was debited from your account on the 21st of March and it’s been processed so you should be good to go”.
Okay, so who or what is wrong?? I called the travel agency again only to be told something about my ticket being voided 2 days after I booked it (Wednesday) and an e-mail should have been sent to me to inform me about this. I asked why it was voided and she ASSUMES it may have been some kind of fraud-related issue. "Where is the e-mail?" I asked. "Maybe, it’s in your spam folder…you might want to check but at this point, I can’t give you anymore information. What I know is that you will probably have to buy a new ticket and I can look up some prices for you if you would like."  *blank stare + silence*..Is this woman smoking some kind of Sudanese grass?  After going back and forth and trying to keep my cool on the phone without creating a scene, she tells me she will contact the finance department and get back to me soon…
1pm….1:15…1:20pm Finally my phone rings. By this time, I had already erased Vegas off my mind and I just wanted to know where my money was. “Ma’am, I spoke to the finance department and I’ve been told that after your ticket was confirmed, an individual called your bank to verify the credit card information that was provided and whomever she spoke to at the bank said the names don’t match and hung up on her. So this is probably why your ticket was voided.”  Am I the only one who noticed that the verification came after the confirmation?! IS this not America??!! Nothing goes through without prior verification dammit! I softly asked her who this person was , while pointing out the fact that I did not get any e-mail. Afterall, if I got an e-mail, I would have sorted it out and not landed in such a scenario.  Next thing I know, another individual calls me to acknowledge their mistake and that they will get me a ticket to leave this afternoon/evening and I don't have to pay anything! 2pm.. my blood pressure returns back to it's normal state and I'm becoming optimistic about the trip.
 Got my Cinnabon roll... (why am I not gaining any weight for heaven's sake)

Boarded my flight @ 4.55pm.....

....5 hours and 20 minutes later, touchdown LAS VEGAS!
Thank you all for riding with me...:-)


P.S I typed this while at the airport but my laptop went off before I could post it. I will definitely update y'all on the trip!


  1. well lucky you then! At least now u got to travel for free. lol theres sumtn about Vegas. Similar thing happened to me last time I visited and I ended up not paying for the hotel at all but that was after my BP had already risen but hey! it was worth the small rise in BP. lol

    Have fun in Vegas girl.

  2. Nothing better than a free flight or a free hotel stay huh?!
    I had a lot of fun! I'm already back-- just haven't had time to upload stuff here. :-)