Tuesday, March 29, 2011

L.O.V.E....or so she thought

Victor knew everything about Wendy.…or at least everything he needed to know. And so was the reverse… They had always been open with each other which was one of the foundations of their relationship. Funny enough, their relationship was platonic. Thanks to the naivety of human nature… it took over seven years for them to realize what was in front of them. Neither distance nor time could separate them. One random weekend visit threw all this into the light. Three days of food, talking, and laughter... she got home, the phone rang… a 4 hour conversation ensued about how great the weekend was, how he felt about her and how he wished it would last forever. That was it! The scales fell from her eyes--à She had found her common denominator- the sum of all she wanted with no remainder! (Listen to the song by Ciara so you can have an idea of how she felt)

She spent the next week thinking through and through about this sudden realization and where things could go from there. Was she ready? Was she going to be able to face the odds – and there was a HUGE ODD in this scenario? Was it just mere infatuation> Afterall, he’d been THERE all these years  and none of this ever came up! INFACT! Their song had always been “All my life”- K-Ci and Jojo…Back in the days when people “had a song”! Ha!  Her best friend had insinuated this idea a couple of times and was obviously excited to hear about this new development. Then again, don’t those friends always see something even when there is nothing?! LoL.
He decided to come into town for the afternoon so they could talk. There they sat @ the train station … she ordered her fries and him… maybe his nerves were bad or something but at the end of the day he insisted on sharing her fries with her. *Shrug* He’s paying anyway. LoL! There they sat …first came the pleasantries.. the update on activities and then the talk about them. .  *gen gen (naija movie soundtrack)**  He begins to open up about why he waited until now to let her know how he felt and reveals all the near instances he had to express himself.  This guy is making sense right now.. A LOT infact..  It was her turn to speak and all he wanted, most importantly, was an answer to this questionà How are you so sure it’s real and it’s what you want?  She said: “I’ve spent the whole of last week thinking and talking to myself trying to dissect all this and I always ended up mad at myself for being blind all along. The peace that came with the idea of “US” was like no other especially when  physical chemistry had not even occurred. No kisses…no nothing! How often does that occur? As far as knowing it’s what I want, It’s like going to order a cheeseburger and getting a hamburger instead. Won’t you be mad? There’s a reason why you want that cheeseburger…the cheese makes ALL the difference and anything else just won’t do. ” He smiled… of course he did. He’d always admired her play with words. There they sat staring at each other; it was one of those moments when words weren’t necessary because the chemistry between was enough.  “So are we good?” she asked.  He said, “Yes we are.. let’s see how things go. You know I have certain things to clear up first.” They hugged and she walked away knowing exactly what he meant and she was at peace within.  She’d poured out her feelings like never before.
Fast forward to 2 months down the line… another phone conversation ensues and he’s talking about his trip to another country and how there’s this girl who’s the younger sister to his friend and blah blah blah. They’re family friends by the way just like her and he were. Okay so this girl exists now what? He goes on talking about how he thinks she’s really naïve and it can’t be real and she kinda likes him or whatever. Being the open- minded individual that she is, she begins to try and rationalize why the girl may appear naïve and well, when you get home, GIVE HER A CHANCE…hear her out and for all you know, you may like her! ERROR!!!!

Having said that, I’m sure you know what happened to this wonderful potential. Yup! You guessed right… Mr. Man travelled, came back a month later and his parade had changed. Mind you, he didn’t even tell her. 
She heard from an outsider. Insult! 
She called a few days after hearing this news and all he had to say was “I’m coming to see you this weekend”… She sat there wondering what he wanted to see her for? What did he have to say that he couldn’t tell over the phone.
Everyday after that was like a blur! She felt like she’d been stabbed in her left ventricle while developing clots in all her aerioles and what not. Yes it was that bad! He came as he said he would, they stayed up all night talking and he managed to keep avoiding getting to the bone of the matter. You know how they say when you're ready you'll talk... that's what happened. Babe got tired of fighting the tears and dancing around the bush and hit it.." So.. what's this I hear about you and this girl? I told you to give her a chance and you decided to take my words literally and run with them. So much so that you made her your girlfriend in so little time....ha!" Dude started stuttering and well, as you would have it, he was seeing her. He meant to tell this babe but for some reason, the time was never right. WTH does that mean?? There is NEVER A RIGHT TIME! Tell it as it is because the longer you keep it in, in an attempt to save the other person from hurting, the deeper the hurt is when that person finds out!

Fast forward 4 months down the line... He starts calling her again, coming by to see her....more "I love yous" were coming from his end. Mind you, he was still with his girlfriend. 
Babe asked for space, because she was hurting badly and unfortunately, her feelings for him hadn't changed
at that point but she had to do what she had to do.It was her fault, she pulled the "nice" card and nothing fell in her favor. Maybe she should have been selfish and looked out only for herself? What else could she have done? 

You know what?... They're married now!  

Thankfully, they didn't get together and she is VERY happy about that because looking back, there are so many wrongs that she would have probably spent her lifetime trying to make right. Yes, no one is perfect- Agreed; but are those imperfections worth burying when they make a whole world of a difference?

Here's the bottom line: Don't get mad when things don't work out in your favor. *Especially* when it comes to relationships... There's a thin line between love, lust & infatuation. Things happen but believe that they happen for your own good. Make the right judgment.


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