Saturday, March 19, 2011

Memoirs of a Traveler...Part 2!

View from the top!
Hey y'all!
I got myself a ticket back to the city I refer to as my home---> NEW ORLEANS a.k.a NOLA a.k.a the "Big Easy" a.k.a Crescent City a.k.a...alright I'll stop there! Left on Saturday morning and got back yesterday! Wish it didn't go by so quickly!
For those of you who don't know, I transferred to Nola when I left Hungary and literally started a new life there. Initially, I wasn't too hyped about the city or anything but as time went by, I discovered a lot and at this moment I can safely say that is the only city in America that has culture; a culture of its own. It's a city that you either love or hate and well you already know what side I'm on!
 Day 1 (Saturday): I arrived in the morning and as you can see, it was a  beautiful day....70 degrees outside, how dare I complain! Decided to meet up with my "frenemy", Rita, and just catch up on life after XU! We both graduated last year and perhaps I should say we're friends now. Lol!  So much has been going on it's like I fell off this planet or something. I'm so tempted to share some of the juice here but erm....Is that why we are here?!  Anyway, we eventually went out to eat and my hungry self still ate a heavy meal knowing I was going out to dinner with another group of people in the next 2 hours. Well.."it's spring break"--- I'm allowed! ...I was definitely glad to be back.
Rita & I...:-)
7pm: Sitting at an  Italian restaurant (Fat Gregg's) with family friends and filling them in about my life in DC and all the shenanigans that go on over here. . . Sidenote: The spaghetti & meatballs was off the hook! Too bad I couldn't eat that much!

Day 2: Went to church and saw my church family. I was 'lowkey' excited because they really made me feel like I'd been missed. I used to work at the nursery and take care of the kids throughout the time I was there so of course, being back and seeing all these kids made me feel like a mom reuniting with her children. Ok, I'm getting  a tad bit carried away now but yeah you get my point. We all went out to lunch at a restaurant of my choice. Trust Nims to go all out! Ha! Decided to go to a semi-casual restaurant called Acme. It's also an oyster bar. Babes have been starved off QUALITY seafood so i had to reintroduce myself. Had me some oysters and a shrimp & catfish platter. ... A feast yeah??? I know!! Lol! "It's spring break!" Trust I took a nap afterwards...Well, not quite! 
Jessica & I
I decided to drive down to my old campus to catch up with Jessica a.k.a "fool" for a bit. She's my homie and it's (un)fortunate that even if we tried to stop being friends, we wouldn't succeed. Lol. She keeps it real ALL THE TIME and that's one of the reasons why I admire her.  Meet "fool"------------>>>

Went to see dearest Kelsey - she was my roommate during my junior year- She's such a sweetheart!!!!! Had to dig out an old pic of her...(she'll probably kill me for this but oh well..sorry Kels- u know i love u!)
*Side note: By this time, I had heard soooo much gist about ish that had gone on on word: DRAMA!! People getting preggers and stuff. So much for being an HBCU right? lol! Then again, we're human beings. End of Day 2!
DAY 3: Back on campus to see some more friends, my old boss and fave professors. As my luck would have it, my boss had traveled out of town. Guess where to? DC! Imagine!! Anyway RIta & I went to lunch at   good ol' Boswell's Jamaican Grill. If you haven't noticed by now, I've eaten 3 different types of cuisine already! Welcome to NOLA! :-)

It was Ify's 21st birthday so we ( Ify, Jaimee, Chinelo & I) all went to Pinkberry -a Frozen yoghurt spot! Here's the birthday girl:

Pretty birthday girl!

The birthday girl & I

Ladies went out to

The result!

Anyway, got back and packed my stuff to my next place of residence: Rabiat's a.k.a PR_ladie! (Clearly, I was on a nomadic 'P'). So exciting seeing her and catching up on stuff! Babe is doing her thing and loving it all; I'm really happy for her. We went out to  Cafe du Monde (another NOLA hotspot) and got some sizzling beignets a.k.a French doughnuts. Anyone who hasn't tried these is on a lengthy thing! Clearly we got high off the sugar!
Diggin' in

Crazy much?
Enough food for one day right! "It's Spring break!"

Day 4: More visitations.... mainly on campus! In the evening, yours truly went out to satisfy her cravings for another one of NOLA's specialties- Crawfish Ettouffee. Yum! 
Got some more oysters and luckily,I managed to convince Rabiat to try oysters for the first time. I think the pic says enough about the experience! LOL!
Char-grilled Oysters

I swear the way I talk about food, one would think I was fat! Well, I am fat at heart!

Day 5: My last day! :-( boo! Said My good byes, well not all, but yeah the few I could say good bye to. Went to a fashion show (I have to dedicate a new post to this event).... Met up with my sister-in-law who happened to be in town with a few of her friends. Went out to the Dragon's Den @ night- it's a reggae spot that throws it down on Wednesday nights! P.S I'm a huge reggae fan! Clearly, I had a good time!

 And for those of you who want to call me out for not making an effort to change my clothes---- FREE ME!!! lol! Put on my heels and I was good to go. I honestly couldn't be bothered!
 If you're ever in New Orleans, make sure you go there, you won't regret it!  In fact, being my last day, I was overwhelmed with all kinds of feelings. This song def set me straight by the end of the night!

"...Jah bless mi up straight, Him watch ova mi straight....So when di wicked rise up judgment fi dem straight.." ENOUGH SAID!!!

 We're all BLESSED in one way or the other. Best believe that!

Overall, I had a fabtastic (fabulous + fantastic) time away! 

It's 3am... Gotta force myself to get some sleep. I hope you all have a fabtastic weekend! NO DULLING!


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