Saturday, June 18, 2011

Doctor Who?

Yes Yes Y'all!
As I type this, 3 wonderful people have been added to the "league of extraordinary doctors" on planet earth! Yup! Medical degrees in hand from the University of Debrecen Medical & Health Science Center in Hungary. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I started off in Med School but dropped out... these ladies came a year after I'd started - in 2004- and after all the 'TDB' and frustration that came along with studying in a foreign country as such, they're done! CONFIRMED!!
Feels like it was only yesterday we were throwing house parties at my apartment... asking questions like 'How do you say "how much" in Hungarian?" ...... "You guys who is going to Budapest next weekend? I want KFC."..... "Have you finished studying minimals?"...etc.
These are a few pics of us from back then...i.e. between 2004-2006/7:

Sigh! I'm grateful to God for these wonderful people and the memories we were able to share.

Here they are today:

Dr. Hyelhirra Adamu

Dr. Nana Umar-Sadiq

Dr. Salamatu Yisa-Doko

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!!!!!!

(Wish I could be there to celebrate with you all)
I'm so proud of you guys and I know that wherever you go henceforth- you will shine! The world isn't ready for you yet....


Chocolate Kisses

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