Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Taste of Africa!

Tuesday afternoon and i'm trying to get myself to fall asleep but my system's just not having it. In all honesty, I HATE my MONDAYS! By the time I got home yesterday my body was so numb I couldn't even think of eating. Still feeling the repercussions. #DeathtoMondays!
Had an interview this morning for some global health program stint. Feeling kinda bittersweet about it but what I've learned is " If God has destined for something to be yours, NOBODY or NOTHING can take it away."

So, what's Taste of Africa got to do with all this? Well I got back from church on Sunday and heard about some mini fest where there'd be food, fashion, dance, art...etc! Yours truly stays wearing Africa on her sleeves so she def hopped up and went.
I must say it was FAR from what I expected and I do not mean that in a good way. First of all, if it's as major as it's said to be, can someone explain why there was NO banner, poster....something at least that advertised what it was about?? The food.... oh the food... let's just say I did not open my mouth. The fashion show, on the other hand, was pretty entertaining. The way people mess with fake eyelashes nowadays baffles me. Why bother if your eyelids can't even hold 'em up? I will leave that topic for another day.
Enjoy the pics!

C'est moi!


Negotiating... lol

fur?? It's summer for heaven's sake! 

the joys of being a kid!!
 Fashion from Ivory Coast>>>


 Also got some videos too but could only upload one. (The second one was taking forever)

And you know I had to capture the side entertainment!::

Someone forgot to finish sewing them tracks in...
Ugg boots in the summer??!

Ashy much?? 
And that wraps up my experience of 'Taste of Africa'... 

Hope everyone's week is going well?

Chocolate kisses

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