Saturday, June 4, 2011


Hey people!
 Kinda late with this post but oh well, I hope you're all having a good weekend. I feel like I accomplished A LOT and NOTHING at the same time this week. Probably because it was a 3-day week or something. I dont' know if I previously vented about this one person in my office who is pushing me to the edge slowly, but surely. Her cup is almost full and I have tried to show my disinterest in so many ways but she is just not getting it. Those who know me well know that my facial expressions tend to do the talking for me most times, although they can be misinterpreted, but this person is JUST NOT GETTING IT! Using me to do your work and subliminally coating it with phrases like "it'll look good on your resume"...etc. Last I checked my resume was okay and nobody said I didn't have enough on it! I sometimes wonder whether "mugu" is written on my forehead or something. Sigh! I have left her for God but one of these days I think we will "address" issues because enough is enough.
Anyhooo! I went to watch Hangover 2 yesterday and yes, it was LOL- type funny but some parts were gross as well! Like most movies that have sequels, I think the first one was better although "Alan" (Zach Galifianakis) never failed to be his weird, yet hilarious self! He just adds a whole to dimension of funny to the movie. I was watching "Mr. Chow" (Ken Jeong) on The Ellen Show a few weeks back and she was interviewing him. Can you guys believe that dude is a doctor?!! Yes! Certified and everything!!  I won't go into too much detail just incase someone reading this hasn't watched it. Movie rating:  8/10...In my opinion!
P.S Made new friends by the harbor yesterday:


This weekend's song is: "Just Can't Get Enough"- Black Eyed Peas.

 "Honey got a sexy all steamin... She givin hotness a new meanin" 
My mind's dirty and it don't need cleaning....I love you long time so you know the meanin"

P.S. Is it fair to say Will.I.Am got some African friends ...I totally LOL'd when he said "Love's so sweet got me vexed OH" 

Alright, gotta go get on with school work.. or try to---> Paper due on Monday!

Chocolate Kisses

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