Friday, June 17, 2011

It's a celebration.. EVERYTIME we link up!

Hello everyone!
It's funny how every time I'm at work or in class, I feel like blogging and just spitting out all that's on my mind, but once I'm back in front of the screen, my brain freezes! Kinda pathetic I'd say!
How was every one's week? I don't know where weeks are flying to but all I know it that I am moving closer and closer to my goals! I got confirmed for an international public health program--- got bittersweet feelings about it since I'm still waiting to hear from 2 major organizations I applied to. My program requires I put in 120hrs of "practicum" work which is like an internship and trust me when I say I have been applying for the longest and to places all over. Well... doors are slowly opening. Every thing's so last minute with me- I don't claim it for myself. It's just how God and I relate.. and I'm at peace with it because I know that whatever happens at the end is for my own good. Seriously, what good does worrying do? NOTHING!
 Anyway. I will keep you guys posted on where I decide to invest my time during the month of August!

Sooo.. last weekend was a Philly state of mind. Yup!I did say I would make a trip there at some point and I DID IT!! Hit the road with Blessing to go and celebrate with the homegirl- Abi! All done with her Masters! Can't help but be proud!!

Off we go!!
Breezing through Delaware...

Something that was be a 2.5 hr trip turned to a 5 hour trip. Totally forgot it was Friday and there'd be traffic...

Got in at 5.45pm and the grad was at 6.30. Talk about rushing rushing rushing!
Anyway, we made it just in time to see her walking across the stage!
Kinda blurry I know!

With the fam!

Celebrated with her till late- everyone toasting to the graduate and wishing her well!

P.S This was the track of the weekend!:: 

Saturday was a stretched day-- everyone was tired. Spent the most part of the day saying goodbye to everyone who came through..
Decided to go out and "catch groove" and I must say it was a CRAZY night! When people say you gotta make the most of whatever/wherever you find yourself... BELIEVE THAT!!
Went to a spot called "Club Sikira".. yes yes African club- seeing as that was the only thing that was "happening" in Philly that night. Didn't get there till about 1.30am. Drinks rolled out immediately and the graduate caught her dancing fever and it spread to all of us in seconds! I can't even put most of the pics up here because... hmmmm... my bride price will reduce INSTANTLY! Lol!

Here's a hint:

hmmm i don't need to explain!

Don't ask what we were doing??!!

End of the night!
I don't want threats from anywhere so I have to keep the "madness" at a minimum!
All in all it was fun.
OMG Of course I can't forget the "Side Entertainment"....


E kuse auntie!

I'd been talking about wanting to go downtown and see some of the major sights but nobody took me seriously. lol. Anyway, the main site I wanted to go to was 'Love Park"... As I've mentioned, I love everything about love and I think it's such a beautiful concept. (Okay I'm getting cheesy)... Besides, Philadelphia's known as the city of "Brotherly love" so it only makes sense that they have a park called love park with an attractive monument!
That's how 5 ladies went to Love Park to take pictures at 4am.... 

We love you dear!
Got on the road back to DC a lil' after 9am !

Well worth the trip!
Congratulations Abi!!!! The world ain't ready for you yet mami!!

See you soon!!

Chocolate Kisses

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