Friday, June 24, 2011

Ordinary People with No Ordinary Love!

...With John Legend!
Hope everyone's week has been fulfilling. Mine has, to say the least. I've been on a roll since I got about 4 hours of sleep on Monday night  and well...Yes, I'm tired but well.. it's what it is. 
Wednesday evening - Sade and John Legend performed and I got to go see them live. Went with Estee and I must say I enjoyed every bit of it. 
Estee & I
John Legend serenaded with his tunes and had me wanting a man that can play the piano and sing like him! ~ Best believe we'd be having a lot of babies! 

Back-up singers..
                        *look @ those shoes!!

Too cute!!
**** I tried to upload the video of him singing "Ordinary People"..(One of my FAVORITE songs) but for some reason I kept getting an error message. Guess I'll just keep it to myself then! Tsk Tsk! ****

After about 45 minutes, the main performer- Sade Adu - stepped on stage and man oh man she killed it!!! At 52, I must say she can still get it if she wants! 

Her voice is still as pure and soulful as ever! She had grown men getting all emotional and stuff in the crowd. It was definitely a sight to see..

p.s Sorry you have to tilt your neck. 

After crooning hits from her new album "Soldier of Love", which by the way I think is quite awesome (as all her other albums)... she took us way back to "Is it a crime"--> "Love is stronger than pride"-->"by your side" & "No Ordinary love" ...and ended it with "Sweetest Taboo." I was just smiling from beginning to end ... Words fail me. 

Here are a few more pics:

Sing it!!

Dancing like the true African she is...

My fave picture!!

With the band
"AWESMAZING" (Awesome + Amazing for those who don't know) performance in my own opinion.  #thatisall

If you do get a chance to see her perform, please go! You won't regret it that I know for sure! (and of course if John Legend is performing too WHY NOT?!) 

It's Friday now--- 1.27am. Still have a paper to write. Smh!

Chocolate Kisses

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