Monday, May 9, 2011

Back like I never left

Hello my luvlies!
SO sorry for the mini hiatus. I did tell you guys I had exams and guess what, they were all good! Thank God.. and thank those of you who remembered to pray for me. :-) Glad I can say I'm all done now- 1st year of graduate school is over! Bow-chicka-wow-wow!!! 
I only have a week off and after making major plans for where to go and what to do during this time, it seems I'm gonna stay put right here! *pout* 

My mom came through over Easter. She spent 2 days before heading down to Cali for a wedding. It was great company although brief, and I lost a lot of sleep because I had a paper due during the same period. (I never sleep on a normal day anyway). All in all, good times. Got to take her round a little bit and def had my freezer stocked with food!  Lol! She's my mom, what do you expect??!! Also got to go over to my cousin's...#goodtimes

Outside my godfather's house

Easter lunch @ my cousin's

Work's been rather ?><?<:<?<<?><?< ...yeah. That's exactly what I mean. There are no words to explain how things are there. 

One of my good friends- Abi- from waaaaaayy back came through over last weekend and I must say it was a CRAZY weekend. Hadn't seen her in about 14 years, despite the fact that we'd been in touch on and off through that period so you can imagine the excitement! Went out Friday night and I don't know what got into me but I DANCED!!! All of us ladies were in the zone! LoL! Best believe that! For those who don't know me, I'm one of those people who just gets in the zone and dances or moves, (whatever you want to call it) like no one is watching. I didn't take my camera and I'm yet to get the pics from that night but yeah.. it was ridic! On Saturday, there was a barbecue which was supposed to start at 1 but didn't get cracking till about 6. Enough people came through.. Abi a.k.a Tomato Jos was entertaining us all with her dance moves! Lol! Love you babes!
Abi & I
grill masters @ work
dancing time

Saturday night --->of course we had to go out again. Been a while since I did back-to-back clubbing like that especially since I still had one more paper to work on, but you know what guys, I was not going to kill myself because of school. Got dressed...put my red lipstick on (2nd time in my life) and hit the town with the ladies...and gents of course. Started off @ Shadow room but it wasn't really "happening" so we went on to Argana Lounge to party with fellow Nigerians. .. or perhaps I should say Africans. Lol! Putting the B.O (body odor) and "sardine" situation aside, and the fact that we got there at 2am, I think it was fun. My only advice to people who throw them type "free for ladies all night" events is to make sure the venue can contain the expected crowd. #thatisall. Anyway here are a few pics:
Workin' the RED
Blessing :-)
Abi & I ..again! 

 What a fun weekend!! 
ABI COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't mind me.  I'm supposed to go visit her in Philly and I intend do so! :-) 
The highlight of this past week, besides the fact that my godfather "arranged Osama" and added more points to his swag-o-meter, was that I found the charm bracelet my brother got me for my 19th birthday! Been looking for it since I moved here in August and I was actually upset because I thought I lost it. It means a lot to me especially since he is no more here. Lord knows I miss him more and more EVERYDAY! (R.I.P)

How was your weekend?? Seeing that I'm done with my first year, my dear friend- (Estee, who featured here before) came over with a nice treat and my Saturday night became bubbly even though I was always! Popped a bottle of Moet and ate Nando's on the side while catching up and acting silly...  

Na so craze dey start! LoL
 We eventually got hyper and decided to go to a bar/lounge. I'm a very spontaneous person and I think that is both good and bad, depending on the situation. Danced A LITTLE bit, while this dude approached me asking for my autograph! Omo! you go fear pick up lines. I looked at him like wth?! He kept trying harder and finally asked for my number. I gave my usually "I'm not from here and I'm leaving town tomorrow" reply and the next thing I heard was... "what now? You don't believe in long-distance friendships?"... Shooo??!! I just giggled and stepped aside politely. I'm not sure how many males read this blog but err... please is that how you guys "toast" females nowadays?! No further comment! 
Blame it on the alcohol! LOOOL 
At this very moment, I am VERY VERY VERY upset.For those of you who don't keep up with basketball, I must say today went down as one of the darkest, if not the WORST days in history for my team-- Los Angeles Lakers. They got swept "with a broom and packer" (in the words of a friend) by the Dallas Mavericks! 4-0. 

Totally got kicked out of the playoffs like we aint sh*t! We won the last 2 (and MANY MORE)  but I guess this year's just wasn't meant to happen. It is evident that they have a lot of PERSONAL issues to settle amongst themselves e.g. "trust issues"  which makes it even more painful. Can't you put those differences aside and PLAY??? Anyway, I have eaten enough chocolate to comfort myself. Life goes on!!

New week about to begin! This was was supposed to be the #song4dweekend but I'm still gonna share it with y'all!
                                ........."I work too hard to be ballin' on a budget"....

Have a beautiful week! 
Chocolate kisses! 


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