Friday, May 13, 2011

Love Designs Vol. 1

“Babe the phone is ringing…”
*ring ring ring*
“Can’t u answer?”
“But you’re closer now…why should I have to walk all the way?”
“No one ever calls me and you know this…”  *ring ring*
“Well, I never subscribed to rumor mills…”
*ERROR*…her jaw drops...
Babe answers just in time before it cuts off…
“Mula residence. Can I help you?”

A soft, yet shaky voice responds…“Good afternoon, my name is Muni and I would like to speak to Rich. Is he there?”
“Hold on a second”…..”Darling”, she yells….”it’s for you...says her name is Muni!!”

Dead silence sets in the room. . .
“Err...babe who did you say it is?”
“Muni now... sounds like there’s something wrong.
He slowly walked over and collected the phone from her.*

Noticing babe was still standing there, Rich quickly answered and was like “Sorry but I think you've got the wrong number.”
Of course his facial expressions had already spoken for him so babe just went upstairs and got on with her business.
 Babe isn't usually suspicious; she’s one of those who just keep things real and in her mind, because she does that...everyone else does the same. * A little bit shallow in my opinion*
She doesn't like keeping things bottled up. After all, everyone makes mistakes so why not just fess up and move on. Today wasn't the regular Muni kind of day. As she slipped her black dress on, all kinds of thoughts began to run through her mind...."Could he really cheat on me?" "Did I trust him too much?"..." Have I been lying to myself?"... "Where did I go wrong?"....
Suddenly she reaches for the phone to tap into Rich's conversation....

"Rich, why are you trying to deny…US? You told me you loved me and you wanted to be with me. "
" Muni listen! I need you to calm down. I don't have time to explain anything to you now. What I need you to do is find a way to make that baby disappear and move on with your life. I don't know how you are going to do that but it shall be done. And please don't call this number again.”

“Rich! Rich, what are you saying? We were in this together from the beginning. All those fact all these years you told me I was your only......"
Babe dropped on the floor....tears dripping uncontrollably. Her hands trembling; shock written all over her face… She could not bear to listen anymore.

"Babe, wake up...are you okay?
He hands her a glass of water..."Here take a sip"
"What happened?" She asked.
"I don't know I came in and found you on the floor"...

Suddenly Rich notices the phone beside her and realizes she had heard the entire conversation that transpired between him and Muni. Clearly, she didn't handle the news very well... 'I am d.e.a.d! How am I going to get out of this?

Rich and babe had been going on steady for 3 years plus; they met in Uni-he was in law school and she was a Mass Communications major. They shared so many interests like art, traveling & cultures, etc. Their parents had met and she'd moved into his place a little over a year ago. Both had steady jobs and although they had their major differences, compromise was what kept them together all through the years. .. She gave him her trust and vice-versa.
Life was good in general....or so it seemed!
Babe had always kept in touch with her exes- both the ones that did her greasy and the ones she screwed over! Rich ALWAYS had a problem with it but as always, due to his overflowing pride as a man, his response was "no it’s okay, go ahead"... (May pride not lead our relationships to an early demise (Amen) lol!
A certain J.J had moved into their zones about 6 months ago and like every new person, he found someone he knew who offered to show him around and help him settle down. Yup! You probably guessed right- he is one of babe’s exes. In fact, her FIRST love.
**Now you all know what they say about a woman’s first love** Hmmmm
Well, J.J and babe had been spending a significant amount of time together since he moved to their area and Rich was getting a bit uncomfortable with it. To be fair though, babe ALWAYS invited Rich to come with her each time they were going out, but once again, his pride wouldn’t let him agree.  Each time she came back and tried to tell him what they got up to, he acted like he wasn’t interested…..
2 months passed by and soon enough, Rich was asking questions like “Hasn’t he settled in yet? Are you still the only friend he has? Why don’t you introduce him to Uma and those other single ladies that form your rumor mill? Etc. Babe was beginning to sense someone was getting a bit uncomfortable with her movement so she asked… once... twice…six times “do you want me to stop hanging with him?”… Mr. ‘I’mtooproud’ Rich kindly said he has no problem with it and she is wise enough to make her own decisions so it’s all good.
Trust now, feeling like the coast was clear, babe kept on attending to her usual “first love paroles”.
“Do you still want to go to dinner? You don’t look too well. Perhaps we should stay at home.”
“Oh no, I’m okay! See I’m already dressed so let’s just go.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes now! Or do you have other plans ….with Muni or something, she mumbled”
“Babe, that was unnecessary. We can talk about her over dinner.”
“Okay! Whatever you say then. Let’s go!”

****Candles lit…Jazz playing in the background…enough couples gazing into each other’s eyes…pure ambiance in the atmosphere I tell you!****

“I have something to tell you.”
Rich suddenly froze and his mind started racing…”Oh shoot! She’s been seeing J.J! I knew it. I’m going to beat that mother sucker when I see him!”……

Clears his throat…”Yes darling go ahead. I have something to tell you too.”
Her thoughts: So he’s been seeing that tramp behind my back all these years! He is so going to pay! Maybe I should tell him about J.J…..or not…’

“I’m pregnant.”
“Say what?”
You heard me, I’m pregnant.

Wow I’m so happy…(NOT!) 

...............................................................................To be continued! ;-)


Photo credit: Darren Wallace


  1. Did you write this? Like this is an imaginary play in your head?

  2. Yes I wrote it ma' out for part 2!