Tuesday, May 31, 2011

...state of mind....or somewhere in between

So sure, so real
Who would have thought...
Those little steps, the doubting questions,
The timeless moments, the pointless fights...
Who would have thought?
Where doubt was replaced by faith
Where confusion was replaced with assurance.
And then trust took over...
But got spat back out
"In your face".....they yelled... "In your face!
Who would have thought?
The heart that murmurs --- deadly,yet innocent
Adrenaline pumps so rapidly;
Retracing those steps back to solitude...
Where emotion was but a word,
And affection was a fiction of imagination.
Impossible you say? Nah...it once was and trust it can always be.
Who would have thought?
This aint insanity at its finest...
Nah...it's just her way of life!