Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Note to Self

So today was the first day of my summer classes and it's confirmed I'm going to hate the next few Mondays. Class from 9-12.....Work from 12-4/5... Class again from 6- 8.40. Lord help me! My 9am class is not beans at all! I'm not a huge fan of math and the likes - imagine being locked in for 3 hrs staring at formulas. Definitely not going to be fun at all! Ok, we do get a 10 minute break but really though?? Is that enough??!
Totally forgot it was Blessing's birthday so after dreaming of my bed all day, I got back home, changed and headed out to hers. I'm glad I made it over there though. It was a laid-back atmosphere. Food, drinks, and good company... Fell into the discussion of "Naija girls and their wahala"... and everything under that umbrella. We went from the spiritual aspect, where the guys there gladly yelled out the only memory verse they know.."Women, submit to your husbands..." LoL.. And of course, while we tried to defend ourselves, they were quick to say that's why we are still single...lol.. "we are trying to talk over them"...
It was a pretty hilarious convo though.. and ironically one of the babes there was engaged and she made statement which I am still trying to take in... She said "Once you meet your husband, you will know."...As convinced as I am about this, I have my doubts. Then again, perhaps that's why the conviction hasn't reached me... I'm too blinded by my doubts and fears... and for all you know, I probably haven't met him!

Anyway, it was fun overall... its 1:30am now. Only got back home about 30minutes ago and I am dead tired as y'all can imagine.

Meanwhile, I text my dad just venting about school and how I am not mentally prepared for this next phase and well this was his reply: "MPH is not cheesecake.".....#classic
Gotta love that man! LoL!  P.S in case you're wondering what MPH is, it's Master of Public Health... which is what I'm doing right now. I don't know what I was expecting him to say but well, it's true. Bottom line is: anything you want in this life, you have to be prepared to work hard and put in all you've got.

Bedtime! Have to force myself to sleep. Work in the morning......woosshh! God give me strength!

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