Friday, May 27, 2011

Hmm....What's in THE BAG

So... my fellow blogger - Sisi Yemmie from GISTDOTCOM tagged me in this "what's in your bag meme". (#sidenote: her blog is hilarious-y'all should check it out!) I had to go and read hers to figure out what exactly it's about and well I'm pretty much supposed to take a pic of my bag and its contents. ....Come on in!

My bag

'Ralph Lauren Newbury Classic Tote' -  I must say I was super-excited when I found this. It's just perfect because I tend to carry my laptop, notebook, and extras with me on most days. Goes between professional and casual- just what I need.  It came with a mini makeup bag but I don't use you will see soon. EVERYTHING fits.... and to be honest, I carry it EVERYDAY!! 
Now let's see what's inside:

A- iPod..--- can't do without my music-- I've got everything from Curren$y to Jagged Edge to Habib Koité to Red Hot Chili Peppers. My mood determines what I listen to. .I'm upset because it's full!!!! Need to open a trust fund for a new ipod. :-) 

B- Pad a.k.a Sanitary towel (ST)--- I'm human and a female specifically, so you do know that my body has certain requirements to fulfill. Never want to be caught off guard! 

C- Band-aids---I'm sort of a "clutz" so I almost always carry band-aids with me.
D- Liz Claiborne wallet--- Met my aunt for the first time when she visited Nig a few years ago and somehow within the first 30mins of talking, I managed to "obtain" this piece from her. Love you auntie!!

E- Moleskine Planner- Gotta love Moleskines-- so sleek! Think I previously talked about it on this blog and how it keeps me busy.
**e - Safety Pin---I always have a safety pin on the side of my bag. Comes in extra handy!

F- Book-  I carry a magazine or book with me in case i get stuck somewhere or I'm bored in class or at work. You can see what I'm currently reading. I was a Psychology major in Undergrad so to be honest, reading books like this tends to piss me off because after every chapter i'm like "I knew that!" Lol!  Sometimes, I just need something to pay attention to besides my school work or my phone. 

G- Advil--- I stay having headaches soooo I'm hooked!! 
H- (Phone) USB Charger--- Tend to be on the move a lot therefore I "juice it up!"...
I- My phone--- Don't think I need to go in depth about having a phone... much less a Blackberry. I STAY CONNECTED!!

J- Jergens hand lotion--- Allergic to "ashy-ness"
K- Card holder --- I use this mainly when I'm running quick errands and I don't feel like carrying my bag or when I'm going out with a clutch purse. SO SO HANDY!
L- Orbit- Growing up, my dad ALWAYS had gum and brought PACKS of it back home each time he traveled. I think I picked this habit from him. Forever chewing!!
M- Coin purse - Got this in China :-) I carry a lot of coins because of parking meters.
N- Notebook-  Just got back from class so it only makes sense that I have this in the pile right now. When I get my Playbook we shall improvise and "save the planet"....but till then!
O- Keys--- I don't know what I'd do if I were to lose these!

P- Vaseline - STANDARD necessity!!!
Q- Lancome Juicy Tubes lipgloss -  "Pucker up!" lol ;-)  P.S. No I don't go around kissing!
R- Carmex --- Yet another lip essential! I call this "lip crack"- totally addicted... I like that tingly feeling it gives.

S- Hand Sanitizer --- Living in New Orleans just made me extra aware of germs around me!  I really wonder how people in older generations made it without this!
T- Nail-cutter--- Always comes in handy especially for those little cuticle issues that creep up from nowhere!

U- Clear Eyes eye drops --- My eyes tend to itch a lot so I keep 'em "CLEAR"!
V- Glasses--- Yes I wear glasses but it seems I'm so used to squinting even when I wear them. Pathetic case!
W- Pen & Pencil--- I love writing and I can say I'm pretty much old school. I know I can easily just put type whatever it is into my phone but sometimes the art of writing intrigues me!

So there you have it! I usually tend to have chocolates and candy in my bag as well but err... yes! I finished it all at work.

I've tagged Dith & MadPhury!

Chocolate kisses


  1. Lovely purse!
    Lol K i'll do mine :)

  2. Nice purse, and you have quite a fair bit inside, :)

  3. @ Myne- Thanks!! Never realize how much crap one carries until moments like this.

  4. Love the idea, don't mind if I do it on my blog do you?

  5. @Opinionated chic: Of course I don't mind. Will be waiting to see what's in yours!

  6. *sigh*.... I'm just seeing this now. Love the bag. :D