Friday, May 13, 2011


Hey guys!
I can't believe how fast this week's gone by. It's kinda scary but nevertheless, we thank God. My mini-break from school's pretty much over- yup! Summer classes begin on Monday and God knows I'm NOT looking forward to it at all! Another 10-week lockup! Does this ish ever end?
Back then, it was okay to have a high school degree.... and then it turned to making sure you got a college degree. Nowadays, even that is not enough; people find you more "efficient" with a Masters degree... or a PhD!!
Seems like from conception to death, we continue to be slaves to something or someone, if not both. God help us all! (Amen)

I went to watch Fast Five yesterday and OMG!! Y'all need to go see it! In my opinion, it tops the last 3 combined. I know I was one of those who complained when I saw the preview in January, like geez is it really necessary. Well, I have swallowed my words! That movie was Awesome & Amazing!! Is there a word for that? Let's try>>>>> "AWE-MAZING"..or does "AWE-SMAZING" sound better?!! I think i prefer "awesmazing". Who's with me? Whoop! Whoop!! There we go. New word to add to ur vocab. lol! I'm so random I know!

I don't really have plans for the weekend.... going with the flow! What are you guys up to? Holla!

Here's the song4dWeekend:

Swizz Beatz feat Eve: Everyday (Coolin'):
Love when Eve goes..."Who want problem, wah- wah- wah-, who want flip... I'm hot like everything kickin, I'm a problem!"  

Good seeing my girl Eve coming back into the game... And Mr. Beatz still going strong!! I love him so much more now that he's with Alicia!

Alright people! Have an AWESMAZING weekend!

P.S... I have been making a few changes on the page as y'all might have noticed. Let me know what you think. 

Chocolate kisses

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