Friday, May 20, 2011


Hey guys!! I know I'm not the only one that's glad this week is over. I'm literally exhausted, both physically and mentally I must confess! Good news is that I managed to get my people at work to give me Tuesdays off (since Monday is a killer)... but as they agreed, they also dumped 2 huge projects on my shoulders. No problem'll get done. 
Hope you guys had a good week? Many people have exams now and have been in my prayers-- God's got you! Those who are all done, thank God!
Speaking of being done, I got my final grades and yours truly aced all her classes. Straight As! Can I get a halleluyurrrr *Madea voice* Lol! I'm totally ecstatic. Made it through the first year with fab grades overall! God is good and He is real. No jokes. Some of you might think I'm exaggerating but if you know the mindset I had a few years back, you'd understand. Best believe that this is not where I ever thought I'd end up.  Dropped out of med school with no morale whatsoever, lost all hope in myself and in life in general. I'd been told all sorts of things like "I won't make it in future"...but God opened doors for me; He opened my mind up again and well, let's just say the rest is history. Here I stand, loving what I'm doing and dreaming BIG because I know He has a master plan for me... (and for you as well)..

So on that note, here's our #song4dweekend: Rihanna "Cheers (drink to that)
(P.S Listen to it with your volume at the max for full effect lol!)

03 Cheers (Drink to That).m4a

"Life's too short to be sittin' round miserable
People gon' talk whether you doing bad or good, yeah....
                                          ... Cheers to the fricken' weekend....I drink to that, yeah yeah"

Whatever y'all get into, BE SAFE!!!

Chocolate kisses!

P.S I'm still learning how to embed music instead of the usual YouTube videos (especially for those that don't have official videos). Please let me know whether this works out. Thanks!!


  1. Aww congratulations dear. I am actually somewhat in the same place you were before. and its killing me but at the back of my mind, I just know this is only a phase and like most stressful times, I'll eventually triumph by the grace of God.

    Anyhoo, hope u have a good memorial weekend.

    p.s- the link did work.

  2. Thank you dear.. It's God I tell you! I'm glad you've got it in your mind that it's only a phase. God doesn't do things halfway (ALWAYS RMMBR THAT). He will surely bring u out of this and trust me you will look back and thank Him for the experience. Might be a hard pill to swallow now but you will be okay. Will be praying for you! Thanks for letting me know about the link as well! Appreciate it!
    Have a great "extended" weekend!!