Tuesday, May 31, 2011

There is a THIN line...

Between hello and goodbye
Between sickness and health
Between wisdom and foolishness
Between truthfulness and deceit
Between love and hate
Between reality and imagination
Between infatuation and abhorrence
Between sadness and happiness
Between maturity and minority
Between care and negligence
Between light and darkness
Between needing and wanting
Between beautiful and ugly
Between ignorance and apathy
Between taking and stealing
Between tears and laughter
Between winning and losing
Between "I'm sorry" and "I apologize"
Between hope and despair
Between hunger and satiety
Between enmity and friendship
Between hearing and listening
Between good and evil
Between simplicity and complexity
Between "I almost did" and "I did"
Between bitter and sweet
Between skinny and fat
Between strength and weakness
Between success and failure
Between wealth and poverty
Between pride and humility
Between intelligence and stupidity 
Between life and death...
There is but a thin line between what WAS, what IS, and what WILL BE...
Sometimes you just have to read between the line(s).
Have a great week!!

Chocolate kisses

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